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Worldle Game: Guess the Country

Worldle will assess your geography knowledge. Here are the game rules: Your task is to identify the mystery country by examining the shape of its territory, using as few guesses as possible. Following each attempt, you'll receive information about the distance and direction to the concealed country. Can you successfully deduce the mystery country?

How to play Worldle?

  1. Make your first guess

    To commence the game, examine the contour and configuration of the land and initiate your first guess by selecting a country in the search field. Make your first guess
  2. Look at the hints

    After each incorrect guess, you will receive hints about the distance to the hidden country and the direction where it is located. Look at the hints
  3. Guess the country

    Try to guess the mystery country in the minimum number of guesses. Once you correctly guess the country, it will be highlighted in green. Guess the country

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What guidelines govern the Worldle game?

    The game's rules are quite straightforward: You must identify a country based on its shape, and there are no limits on the number of attempts you can make. To initiate the game, simply input the name of any country in the search field and provide your initial guess. Then, observe the provided hints, which indicate the distance and direction to the target country. A shorter distance signifies you're getting closer. Upon successfully identifying the country, it will be highlighted in green.

  2. What time does the mystery country update?

    The hidden country changes every 24 hours and is updated at 00:00 am local time on your device.

  3. Why is your data incorrect or old?

    We try to update the map data in our game as soon as possible, because every year somewhere in the world there is a change in state borders. If you think that any data in our game is outdated or incorrect, please let us know.

About Worldle

Worldle draws inspiration from the well-known Wordle game, but it shifts the focus to test your geography knowledge. While the game's rules share similarities with Wordle, there are some distinctions: You're granted an unlimited number of guesses, and the clues provided only consist of the distance and direction information for the concealed country.
This game serves as a helpful tool for children to support their education in school or college, and it also aids adults in recalling the world's country

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